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To redeem your sins; first, you have to acknowledge them.

Dear stranger,

If you allow others to take you for a doormat you become one, and if you give without expecting to take, you will not get any. I can claim that this is a fair assumption, correct? But the truth is neither is true we’re living in a metaphysical world when you bend over you’re rolled open and stepped on just like a doormat and when you start growing an opinion, you become expired and ought to be replaced. Moreover, I want you to bare in mind that there’s no such thing called “karma” our sorrows have no wings to travel around and hit its primary source.

Life is way simpler than that, you make a mistake you learn your lesson. People take you for granted, look for some new people. If you are sick and tired of giving without being appreciated, stop giving. We live in a black & white world where 1+1=2 and where love is disposable and blood is lighter than water and for heavens sake children souls are easier to take out than the next full garbage bag in your kitchen bin.

What I want to bring to your attention dear stranger is that no matter what you are going through it must be less important than the blood sheds in Syria or the conspiracies being sewed in Libya, Iraq, Egypt or Lebanon. The drought in Yemen harvesting young souls everyday must be more urgent to resolve than your mismatched Louis Vuitton handbag and Christian Louboutin shoes. And definitely, definitely the prejudice that have taken our universe on strike is more harsh than any broken heel, heart or even dream because if we do not take a stand in the empty “la rue consciente” there won’t be any thing left to cry over.

Yours truly,

A former ignorant planet earth citizen