life as we know it!!!

I am standing on top of a highest mountain with a jar of honey in one hand and my fate in the other hand.  A heavy heart is bouncing in my chest and a light head is dangling on top of my shoulders.

The wind is strong and I cannot carry the baggage in both hands, must drop one. I freeze for a moment and decide to drop my fate and as it scatters down the hill I hear screams from the past cursing at me. For once and for all I am free like a feather floating in the air, so white and untouchable.

On my way down from the mountain I ran into an old man and his long white beard could not hide his bulging ribs nor the big white cloth he wrapped around his waist could hide his tiny rough bare foot. He was carrying a huge basket on his back and as he walk he would pick up small stones from the ground and throw it in the basket.

Reluctantly he calls me by my last name and I respond with unusual utter politeness yes sir.

He said:

I hope I am not intruding; I just wanted to say you have nice hair.

With a big smile on my face I nod and walk few steps away, again he says:

I couldn’t not notice the rhythm you walk with, it is like music to the ground.

I took another step then decided to turn back and walk towards him. He did not seem surprised when I took the basket off his shoulders and placed it down as I sat, he just joined me as if we were telekinetically connected. After a while of gazing at me he said, why did you drop your fate and not the honey? I said why not?

The old man with a lecturing tone:

Do not answer a question with another.

I said, then do not ask questions you already know the answers to.

A moment of silence passed by then he spoke again and said?

You know why I carry this basket on my shoulders and collect all these stones?

I said, I know why you do not do anything else but collecting these stones and I find it noble but pathetic, understandable but strongly cowardly. He gets up put his basket on and leaves.

Two days later the man shows at my doorstep, he knocks once, twice, trice then I open. This time he was covering his chest with a green shirt and wore some slippers. As I let him in he smiled and said you know each place has its discipliner. I immediately replied; not judging, but you really did not have to wear my favorite color to impress me because I am going to tell you what you came here for, without any hesitance.

Dear old man I dropped you because I knew you will be coming back for me and I cannot escape you. I just wanted to play a part where I am I, without any pressure or awareness of what to expect as an outcome of my actions. I wanted to take a risk of having a fresh start and take a leap of my own. For generations you were at the attempt of my life and now I am changing all that, not for the sake of denying you but for the sake of taking what I believe is mine and be held responsible for what is my solely attribution to what comes next. We have a choice, that’s how god intended us to be and now if you excuse me, it’s time to have some honey.


3 thoughts on “life as we know it!!!

  1. I liked the part when he came with a green shirt to impress her , also coming to her door knocking more than 4 times could unleash a bit of access to her life , the thing is some ppl could look at things in a different way but understanding can unleash to a good success impression , I like this nice story

    1. I am glad you did, it is just something from the top of the head of some one who got the flu after 6 years of not having it lol. I just hope people don’t interpret it in a wrong way and think that i am disqualifying fate because it ‘s completely the opposite.

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