Princess Alyssar and the street children!!!

Once upon a time there was a princess that lived far away in the forbidden woods. Alyssar was the most beautiful creature in the universe, she enjoyed super natural powers; for example, she could melt people just by looking at them, she could travel through time and she could reverse it. As a ritual in her community every descendent of the monarchy have to go on a mission that change their perspective on life in order to be crowned as king/queen of the universe. Because Alyssar was the last living royalty of the forbidden woods she had to leave and travel in time to another world.

The peacemakers of the forbidden woods (a group of wise priests that serve the forbidden kingdom) advised the princess to consider going on the mission so they can crown her as their queen because a kingdom with no ruler is a damned kingdom. Since the job of a peacemaker is to assist the prince or princess on deciding their mission Princess Alyssar turned to them for help and they advised her to go to the Middle East to explore the area and uncover the issue that threatens their existence then come back with a report of the situation and a solution for the problem.

After weeks of investigation princess Alyssar was ready to go back home and report her observations to the peacemakers in the forbidden woods. Alyssar presented the problem that was (Street Children) and suggested a solution. The princess’s idea was to collect all the street children and bring them home with her and admit them to an institute where they are taught not only to read and right but also to think critically and develop a voice.

When the peace makers asked princess Alyssar why did she choose to save the street children and what is their significance to in the process of human continuity?  her reply was “They are the future, the next generation of a civilization that has been put to sleep for a very long time and awakening them now is impossible so the only way to save the earth is through rebirth which can only happen via children.”

The peace makers approved the princess’s mission, assigned her a dead line of one month; also, they have challenged her to give up one of her two privileges, her excessive beauty or super powers. The princess chose to give up her beauty because she believes that beauty is a materialistic and what matters is the soul. It is not very hard to locate the street children because they existed in every country. What is hard is to collect the children, as powerful as Alyssar could be she is not as powerful as the black market that controls the fates of these children. The mission seems impossible but nothing will stop the princess from reaching her goal, she has a plan and that is to show these children the power of knowledge and educate them about their human rights. Hoping that the princess succeed on passing the torch of light to those who live in the darkness, lets all wish her luck on her mission impossible.