Clash of ignoarance

edward_saidRobert Fisk described him as the Palestinians’ “most powerful political voice.” Edward Said, is a Palestinian American literary theorist and cultural critic; he taught English and comparative literature in the university of Colombia. Said was one of the few Arab figures who defeated Islam and tried to bring the East and the West to common grounds of understanding each other. His article The clash of ignorance is an example of one of his trials to allow Islam and the West to understand and accept their indifferences. Said in his article argues that Samuel Huntington the author of the book The Clash of Civilizations is mistaken about dividing the world into two parts the West and Islam because it is an amateur approach. Said clarifies that it is wrong to label Muslims as  terrorists and westerners as powerful and civilized, the world’s problem relies on the fact that ignorance is dominatig it and people from different cultures and civilizations are passing random judgments and accusations without any basis of knowledge. Said suggests a simple resolution and that is both Muslims and Westerners have the will to understand their indifference’s,  accept it and stop passing judgments that is based on ignorance. .

Strength and weakness points of the article:

Edward Said made a strong argument he stated the issue and the resolution he also referred to three different points of view on the topic by Samuel Huntington, Bernard Lewis and Eqbal Ahmad. Mentioning these three scholars gave his article The Clash of Ignorance weight and reliability. However, Said made a huge mistake that weakened his argument by attacking Huntington, by doing so Said appeared bias and taking sides which allows room for questioning his objectivity and credibility.