Robots at War: The New Battlefield


Robots at war can be a movie title a science fiction one sadly its not, robots at war is a reality that is taking place now in Iraq and Afghanistan.

P.W. Singer the author of Wired For War discusses the issue of the existence of robots at war in Iraq and Afghanistan he talks about the advantages and disadvantages. The benefits are saving lives and preventing critical medical cases while the nuisances are low morality and injustice to the fighting opponent, Singer clarifies his argument and says “Replacing men with machines may save some lives, but will lower the morale and psychological barriers to killing.” For example, if a massacre occurred who would hold responsibility for it the robots or the creators? The answer most probably is not pleasing or fair; if this does not put our “ethical system” on the judgment scale then what would. The world has reached to its lowest conditions, evolution is no more the label of humanity it is the label of inhumanity and injustice. A year or two ago when the movie Iron Man came out starred by Robert Downey Junior where he played the role of a millionaire who creates a warrior robot and helps the civilians of Afghanistan and save them from the American troops. It was exciting to imagine how cool would it be to have a robot warrior but since it is a fact now the idea lost its glamour because it made war easier to start and more accessible because of the limited human losses it pervades for the owners of the robots.

Robots at war would be acceptable if both fighting countries have access to the technology this way its usage will be justified and fair. Till the time when all countries at war have access to robot warriors it is not tolerable to allow some countries to have the upper hand and the right to kill and destruct an unarmed country.  It is unethical to value a human life over another all lives are precious and it is our responsibility as intellects to prevent any acts of injustice to occur.