fifi 3Fatma Hassan from Lebanon known as Fifi, born on December 4, 1983. I belong to a big family I have eight siblings six sisters and two brothers. Being a middle child i was blessed  with the opportunity of being left alone at some times and not being the center of focus at all times, this gave me the space to grow into the person I am today; spontaneous, impulsive, stubborn, rebellious and very confident.

I was born, brought up and lived all my 25 years in the U.A.E. this unique situation made me unique and different. I do not belong anywhere my soul will always roam in exile, I cannot relate to my own people or bond to the roots I came from at the same time I do not feel fully Emirati. I am sufficiently me I only belong to Fifi.

Having this identity issue sharpened my vision; I saw things from a different point of view and the way it made me percept life was utter and extreme. at the age of twelve I found myself writing, I wrote about everything but first it was about my father that I wrote a very unique man on my life. A man that allowed me to be what the rest of the world forbade me from being.

There is so much to say but unnecessity omits me from keep going. I believe that time, experience and life situations unravel so many and along the distances we will be the first to learn and shock ourselves about how less we thought of ourselves and how big life and god can be.


3 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Fifi,

    You’re not alone suffering from identity issues, I think it’s a problem that all exapts in the GCC area share with you.

    A big portion of my blog was about my dad too, check it out.

  2. You’re such a poetic writer Fifi. You’ve said that you write in Arabic. Maybe you could translate a piece, or have one translated, and put it up here.

  3. هلو فيفي

    تصوري كم حقيقية انت ومتصالحة مع نفسك ..هكذا تمرين على الاشياء بكل صدق وعفوية دون تكلف لفظي ..وخلف كل هذا تنبثق فوضاك حين تعلنين اننتماءك الى فيفي كوطن ينفي فكرة الوطن ..سعادتي بك تمضي مع جنوناتك ايتها المبدعة التي سنقف يوما عند بوابات ابداعها باجلال

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