“If you are going through hell keep going” Winston Churchill

Life is a continuous learning journey, everyday a new lesson is taught, we are accountable of comprehending, analysing and turning every new information life throws at us into a value of our own a new brick added to our wall of ethics.
August 23, 2009 one A.M. on top of a high mountain with the company of people dear to my heart; my cousin was driving a new convertable mercedes at a high speed i in the passenger front seat and my two younger sisters in the back seat. Screaming my lungs out trying to unload my chest from the pain of love, it did not work a sudden thought occured to my unbalanced mind from the effects of “prozac” drive the car and go wild. Behind the wheels a sense of power captures you i hit petrol the car moved my sisters were dancing in the back seat i raised my speed having one thought, one face, one name a particular person in my mind, i asked my sisters to sit down i raised my speed took a turn….. to be continuedfifi 1


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  1. Dear fifi

    I wonder who took those amazing pics of you~ you look amazing “wink wink” ,,, And ur writing as usual brilliant.

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